The RED Photo Book

We are excited to announce the debut of Taylor Swift’s RED Photo Book! The oversized, case-bound, image-wrapped hardcover book is 72 pages of never before seen photos of Taylor. This project began at our Nashville office with the organization, prioritization, and post production work of over one hundred photographs from Taylor’s shoot with photographer Sarah Barlow.

We wanted the collector’s coffee table book to ultimately tell a story, but also be a fashion-styled piece. To accomplish both of these goals, the shots were first set into “scenes” according to Taylor’s wardrobe or the mood of the environment; then paired with lyric pulls to create an art book vibe. Then, any added graphic design elements were toned down so they did not disrupt the photograph, but still added extra sparkle and interest to each page.

The production of a hard cover case bound book is a complex and long process, and fascinating to technical junkies like us. The 72 pages (18 forms) took 30 continuous hours to press check to ensure everything was absolutely perfect. The cover wraps were laminated with a scuff free film, and sheets folded in preparation for binding.



With styled magnification, subtle line work, opaque type treatments, cropping and color treatments, this collector’s edition book smoothly flows from the first page to the last.

Taylor Swift’s RED Collector’s Book can be purchased here. Your coffee table will thank you.


  1. Dale Nichols wrote:



  2. dean wrote:

    Awesome!!, too bad I can’t have one because i;m hre at the Philippines :( but Thumbs Up for this St8mnt!

  3. josh wrote:

    just got mine. you’re all so amazing, the graphics and photos are so cool!